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We help leaders improve leadership, develop human capital and boost organizational performance. We offer a full range of performance consulting, training and strategic planning to school districts and other organizations seeking to improve the performance of leaders and groups and sustain results.

In 2012 Willing Learner President Deb Page, CPT and Dr. Judith Hale, PhD, CPT, partnered to form The Institute for Performance Improvement (www.TIfPI.org, an L3C organization headquartered in Downers Grove, IL. The Institute has a social entrepreneurial mission to support systemic performance improvement in education and the workplace. The Institute serves all sectors: education, health care, government, industry and small businesses.

Through the Institute they develop individuals to apply Human Performance Improvement strategies and master internal and external performance consulting. Annually they admit a select group of performance improvement practitioners from education and all other sectors to Communities of Practice for training, support and social learning. To apply, contact Judy@TIfPI.org.

Dr. Judith Hale (www.Haleassociates.com) is a highly successful performance improvement consultant who has worked across all sectors for over 30 years. She is a leading international expert in job certification, particularly evidence-based certification, and accreditation.  Dr. Hale leads the All-Sectors Division of the Institute.

Deb Page is a Certified Performance Technologist with deep experience in Human Capital Management, Leadership Development and Performance Improvement within the Education Sector. She has worked to improve organizational and individuals’ performance across a broad range of sectors over the past 25 years.

Page and Hale are frequent speakers at national and international conferences focused on performance improvement. Their book, The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide was published in November 2012 by Corwin Press. Use promo code D13194 at www.Corwin.com using the search term School Improvement Specialist for a 15% savings on The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide.

The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide

Download Deb Page and Dr. Judith Hale's interview on Atlanta Business Radio regarding choosing the Institute for Performance Improvement as a professional home.

Our Offerings

Self-Assessment: Developing Readiness to Become a Certified School Improvement Specialist

Performance Improvement Consulting: Shifting from Practitioner to Consultant

Action Planning: Using Action Plans to Reach Improvement Goals

Implementing with Fidelity: Sustaining Improvement Results